About Bart's Balm

In my 25 years of experience of shaving, I have tried many different aftershave products. I could never, however, find a product which combined great performance, value and an outstanding scent.

Even when I found a suitable product I quickly became bored of using the same fragrance.

This gave me the inspiration to develop my own Aftershave Balms which effectively fought shaving rash, came in a variety of scents and were value for money.

After a lot of requests from customers I decided to formulate a Pre-Shave Balm and have recently launched this.  So far the customer feedback has been excellent!

I know that Argan Oil is one of the best skin products available and is used in many high-end creams and lotions. I, therefore, decided to use this in all of my products.

Inspired by our Scottish heritage I decided to name all of my scents after Scottish Mountains.

So I am delighted to present to you, Bart’s Balm Argan Oil infused products.

Aftershave Balm

To help you try out my products I offer a fabulous Aftershave Balm Gift Tin.  This contains 7 x 13ml bottles of Argan Oil infused Aftershave Balm in a mixture of Essential Oil and Designer Inspired fragrances.

Each balm is formulated using natural ingredients and is specially created, by hand, to ensure a perfect blend of ingredients, which help to combat shaving rash and cool, soothe and nourish your skin.

All Bart's ranges are made with 100% Argan oil, combining unparalleled soothing, calming and moisturising properties.

Argan oil, combined with the moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties of coconut and Grapeseed oils, make Bart's balms a truly exceptional product.

Essential Oil Range

The Essential Oils, currently used in my Gift Tins, are Lime Oil and Peppermint Oil and this range combines my superb balm base with the calming, relaxing and cooling properties of 100% pure essential oils.

All of these essential oils effectively combat shaving rash, have antibacterial properties and possess a wonderful scent.

Designer Inspired Range

This range pays homage to wonderful classic and contemporary scents, some of which are regularly named in the top 10 men's aftershaves.

My perfumer has carefully crafted a range of scents, that perfectly compliment these fragrances and by adding a small amount of this scent, to my balm base outstanding products have been created.

These fabulously scented balms all contain the same shaving rash fighting properties as the Essential oil range.

Pre-Shave Balm

My Pre-Shave balm is 100% natural and is beautifully scented using Lime Essential Oil.

It should be applied to a wet face and massaged into your stubble.  You can then either rinse it off and apply your shaving cream or apply your shaving cream on top, for extra protection.

All of my products are handmade, in Scotland, by me! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them!
I believe that my products are amongst the very best on the market but don't just take my word for it head over to the reviews page https://bit.ly/2AXEoO1 and find out what others have to say about my products.
Thank you for your support.