Shaving Collection Guide

Crafting the Perfect Shaving Collection: A Guide for Store Owners

In the panorama of personal grooming, the resurgence of classic shaving methods creates a fascinating marketplace. This article provides a guide for store owners interested in tailoring the perfect collection of shaving products. From understanding the unique shaving market to diving into the specifics of the razor segment, this post provides an overview of consumer preferences while illuminating the appeal of the increasingly popular premium wet shave market. Crafting an excellent shaving collection is an art that needs a deep understanding of not just the products, but the history, culture, and needs of the consumer. Let's delve into the intriguing world of shaving!

Understanding the Shaving Market

Welcome to a comprehensive tour through the expansive landscape of the shaving market. We will be exploring its diverse facets, all the way from the US-specific market scenario, through the global shaving market panorama, to the demand for shaving care products, the wet shave market, and the intriguing world of men's shaving kits. Let's unravel the insights!

United States Shaving Market

The U.S. shaving market, though matured, holds a significant piece of the shaving industry's global pie. According to data, this market's revenue is expected to clock in at around US$4.00 billion by the year 2024. However, it's worth noting that the U.S. market is anticipated to experience a slight dip in growth of about -0.44% annually from 2024 to 2028. The factors contributing to this dip are varied, ranging from the increased popularity of beards to economic volatilities.

Global Shaving Market

Similarly, when we expand our vista and look at the global shaving market, the figures command attention. It was valued impressively at around USD 4.0 billion in 2021 alone. Furthermore, analysts predict a steady compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.3% from 2022 all the way to 2028. Shaving trends, cultural shifts, and advancements in technology across the globe contribute to this propagation.

Shaving Care Products Demand

Turning our scope to the exciting world of shaving care products, we see a remarkable forecasted demand growth. With a 7.5% CAGR projected over the assessment period, there appears to be a rising trend towards high-quality, skin-nourishing products. These products, from shaving creams to after-shaves, help enhance the shaving experience and protect skin health, increasing their demand in the market.

Wet Shave Market

Wet shave, with its old-school appeal and superior shave quality, also forms a robust component of the shaving market. The wet shave market, incorporating razors, blades, shaving soaps, and creams designed specifically for wet shaving, is projected to reach a whopping US$ 16.6 billion in 2022.

Men's Shaving Kits Market

Last but not least, let's delve into the realm of men's shaving kits. Tailored for convenience and bundled to offer a comprehensive shaving solution, these kits have been carving out a market niche for themselves. With a variety of offerings, from luxurious, high-end kits to more affordable yet quality packs, the men's shaving kits market is expected to experience a remarkable CAGR during the forecast period from 2023–2030.

The global shaving market is vast, diverse and continues to evolve as new trends emerge and consumer preferences shift. Understanding these trends and navigating the changing business landscape is key to successful market penetration and sustainability.

Analyzing the Razor Market

Cartridge Razors Category

In the cutthroat world of grooming and personal care, cartridge razors hold their own. In 2021, this category demonstrated its market dominance by commandeering a massive 40% share. To put that into perspective, cartridge razors generated a staggering revenue of $1.2 billion that year.

While these figures may seem surprising at first glance, a closer look reveals why consumers are so drawn to cartridge razors. The inherent design, versatility, affordability, and ease of use make this option a go-to for savvy shoppers. Given these advantages, it's easy to see why the cartridge razors category enjoys such sustained success.

Global Razor Market Analysis

Shifting our gaze to the broader scope, the global razor market is nothing short of impressive. Last year, the market size was measured at USD 17405.4 million. Analysts project an upward trend, forecasting growth to USD 21217.09 million in 2022. This buoyancy affirms the substantial role razors play in people's daily lives globally. As shaving becomes more refined, catering to individual tastes and needs, consumers' reliance on quality razors is unlikely to wane.

Electric Shavers Growth Forecast

Yet, you may ask, what about electric shavers? Well, this segment isn't being left in the dust. In fact, it's zapping away with incredible vigor. Electric shavers are expected to witness the highest growth in the entire market, with a 4.3% CAGR projected from 2019 to 2025.

The rise in demand for electric shavers boils down to a few key factors. These include convenience, longevity, and the appeal of going cordless without compromising on performance. Whether it's for quick touch-ups or full shaves in a rush, electric shavers have made their case for being a time-saving, efficient grooming tool.

In essence, whether it's cartridge razors, classic disposable options or tech-forward electric shavers, each category sees continuous growth. This is a testament not just to evolving grooming trends, but also to advancements in technology and changes in consumer behavior. These, collectively, are reshaping the razor market and carving paths for future growth.

Present and Future of Premium Wet Shave Market

The allure of the classic premium wet shave remains timeless. From sophisticates who swear by the traditional straight razor to convenience-seekers attracted to the smooth efficiency of cartridge razors, the marked increase in the diversity of product offerings in the global premium wet shave market reflects changing consumer preferences. Not only does this phenomenon paint an exciting present, but it also promises an even more dynamic future of this booming industry.

The growth trajectory of the premium wet shave market has been nothing short of remarkable. A current trend analysis indicates that, propelled by the increasing demand for high-end grooming products and comprehensive shaving kits, the global premium wet shave market is projected to experience significant growth from 2020 to 2027.

Here is what the anticipated expansion means for stakeholders:

  • Engagement with Millennials: These digital natives are recognizably driving a surge in the grooming industry, with their desires for quality goods and experiences steering market trends. As this demographic continues to age and increase their disposable income, they are likely to keep fueling the demand for premium wet shave products.
  • Potential for Diverse Product Range: The growing interest in personalized grooming is instigating the incorporation of a varied assortment of products in the premium wet shave sector. The market is ripe for innovation and expanding product lines from razor sets to high-end shaving creams, oils, and brushes.
  • Greater Market Penetration: The opportunities for market penetration are manifold. Geographic expansion and adoption by new users present prospects for sustained growth in the industry. Similarly, new technologies in manufacturing and product design could further improve market outreach.

Prompting this upward curve is also a shift in consumer attitude towards shaving; it is now perceived as a form of self-care rather than a chore. A well-crafted grooming routine, complete with a premium wet shave, is seen as a ritual of refinement — an expression of personal style and sophistication.

This dynamic interplay between consumer behavior and market developments creates a vibrant, growing ecosystem for the premium wet shave market. While the current outlook promises profitability and growth, the future, peppered with innovation and technological advancements, holds even greater potential. Harnessing these opportunities, the global premium wet shave market is set to redefine the essence of gentlemanly elegance in the years to come.

An Expert Guide to Craft the Perfect Shaving Collection

Shaving is an essential routine for most, not just for aesthetics but for hygiene too. Have you ever wondered how you can turn this daily chore into a pleasurable ritual? You might be surprised to know that your shaving routine can be transformed from a mundane task into an invigorating experience with just a few simple changes. One of them is having a well-rounded shaving collection. This isn't just about having the best razor in the market; it's about understanding each element of the routine and ensuring you have quality products to match.

The Vital Components of a Shaving Collection

Most shaving collections comprise four core components.

  1. The Right Razor: Of course, the razor is an essential part of your collection. There are various types available, such as safety razors, cartridge razors, and straight razors. Each serves a different purpose and offers different results; it depends on your shaving needs and your personal preference.
  2. A Quality Shaving Brush: Shaving brushes are often disregarded, but they genuinely can make a difference in how comfortably and effectively you shave. The brush helps to exfoliate your skin and lift your facial hair, providing a smoother shave.
  3. Shaving Cream or Soap: The right shaving cream or soap can make your shave go from dreadfully dull to delightfully smooth. Opt for one packed with natural oils and moisturizers, avoiding artificial fragrances and chemicals which can cause skin irritation.
  4. A Good Aftershave: Designed to soothe and hydrate skin post-shave, a high-quality aftershave can reduce irritation and moisturize your skin, leaving it healthy and smooth.

Keep in mind, the best shaving collection is subjective and depends on your individual needs and preferences. It could be minimalistic, or it could be an extensive range of products and tools. What matters most is that you choose products that you are comfortable using and that provide the outcomes you want.

"Develop your own process and pace for the ultimate shaving routine, something that catifies your skin needs and lifestyle."

Reviewing Your Shaving Collection

Seasoned shavers would agree that it's not just about gathering the right products but also analyzing the ones you already possess. Occasionally, take a moment to review your shaving collection. Does your razor offer the clean, close shave you’re after? Is your shaving cream or soap causing any skin irritation? Are you satisfied with the scent and effect of your aftershave?

By making time to reflect and reconsider your collection, you can continuously refine your shaving routine to better suit your needs, improving both the quality of your shave and your overall skin health.

Become a Shaving Connoisseur

Turning shaving from a mundane task into a delightful experience is all about investing in quality products and taking your time to enjoy the ritual. Through knowledge, experimentation, and awareness of your skin's needs, you can cultivate a shaving collection that finely tunes to your preferences. Learn, grow, and shave with elegance!


By gathering insights from the evolving shaving industry dynamics and customer preferences, store owners can certainly craft the perfect shaving collection. Offering a broad spectrum of products, such as cartridge, safety, and electric razors, while not overlooking the burgeoning demand for premium wet shave products, facilitates the attraction of a wide customer base.

Yet, what truly ties a shaving collection together is the quintessential aftercare. Superior aftershave balms and pre-shave balms, akin to those crafted by Bart's Balm, enhance the shaving experience while adding a sumptuous finishing touch. With 25 years of industry experience and an impressive line-up of brilliant scents, Bart's Balm is a perpetual favourite amongst customers, globally.

Choose products crafted with care, and you'll deliver, not just products, but experiences your clientele will appreciate and keep coming back for. Remember, the success of your shaving collection doesn't just rely on the quality of the razors, but equally on the entire shaving regimen - from the first swipe of pre-shave balm to the final soothing touch of the aftershave. You can explore these offerings at Bart's Balm, exemplary of a brand that encapsulates the art of delivering a delightful shave from start to finish.

Your customers deserve an indulgent experience – give them not just products, but a ritual that seamlessly blends tradition, luxury, and the essence of grooming at its finest.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the essential products to include in a shaving collection?

    The essential products to include in a shaving collection are a quality safety razor, shaving brush, shaving cream or soap, aftershave lotion or balm, and pre-shave oil.

  2. How can I choose the right shaving products for my store?

    To choose the right shaving products for your store, consider factors such as quality, brand reputation, customer reviews, and target audience preferences. It is advisable to offer a variety of options to cater to different customer needs and budgets.

  3. Should I focus on offering natural or synthetic shaving products?

    It is recommended to offer a combination of natural and synthetic shaving products in your store. While some customers prefer natural ingredients, others may look for the performance and affordability of synthetic options. Providing a range of choices will cater to various customer preferences.

  4. How can I make my shaving collection stand out from competitors?

    To make your shaving collection stand out from competitors, focus on providing high-quality products, unique packaging or branding, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and informative product descriptions. Consider offering exclusive or limited edition items to attract customers.

  5. What is the importance of providing shaving accessories alongside the products?

    Providing shaving accessories alongside the products enhances the customer experience and convenience. Accessories like shaving bowls, stands, travel kits, and storage options add value to the collection and encourage customers to make complementary purchases.