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Bart’s Balm Premium Handmade Pre Shave Oil – 100% Natural Ingredients 100ml

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Effectively soften your rough, coarse, facial hair by treating it to an intensively moisturising, protective and lubricating pre-shave.

As well as having a sensational scent the natural ingredients contained in our Pre-shave Oil will nourish, soften and calm your skin - leaving you with a close, smooth and irritation-free shave.

100% NATURAL SKIN LOVING INGREDIENTS – Our Pre-Shaver Oil Men is packed full of premium natural ingredients. Argan Oil, Glycerin and Lime Essential Oil work together to prepare your skin for a smooth, comfortable and irritation-free shave.

WATER SOLUBLE, NON-GREASY FORMULA – Unlike many pre shaves which are made with heavy oils and create an oily mess in your sink, and clog your razor, our pre-shave lotion is a water-soluble, light and non-greasy formula which will wash away without leaving any oily residue. After only one use we are confident that our pre shave oil will become one of your essential male grooming products and an integral part of any men’s shaving kit.

INTENSE PROTECTION HYDRATION FOR MEN – Softening even the most course of facial hair our all-natural pre-electric shave lotion not only thoroughly lubricates your skin and hair, but it also protects it by forming a protective barrier between your blade and your skin, helping your blade slice through your hair and glide across your face with ease.

HANDMADE IN THE UK – Bart’s Balm Pre Shave Oil is handmade in Scotland, in small batches, to maintain the highest standards of quality and efficiency. We handpick our natural ingredients to deliver optimal results for smooth, calmed and nourished skin.

Ingredients: Aqua, Vegetable Glycerin, Potassium Oleate, Potassium Cocoate, Argan Oil, Potassium Citrate, Citric Acid, Lime Essential Oil, Limonene

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Excellent skin preparation for a wet shave

    Having mis-read the product description when purchasing, and disappointingly first tried this as a pre-electric shave which jammed up my Braun Series 7 razor, I was delighted with the subsequent performance as a pre-wet shave oil. It really does make a difference to the comfort of the shave and the cleanness of the finish. Very impressed with the effectiveness of the Argan oil and in this product as a whole. But it's not for electric razors where the viscosity is not suitable for the oscillating blade mechanism.

    Great Glide and Extremely Comfortable!

    I've been a Bart's Balm fan for a while so I was interested to try their new pre-shave. The comfort and glide is the best I've experienced. It definitely made a positive difference to my shave.

    Another Bart's Success!

    I consider Bart's Balm post-shave balms to be one of the best there is and unbelievable value for money... I love the touch of freshness in the the balms before it, and for the price, you should be all over this!

    Best shave oil for electric shaver

    First off love the presentation and the personalised (first name) hand written thankyou note on the business card it was a very nice touch.

    I was unsure whether this would be suitable for using with an electric shaver so emailed Bart asking if it would be suitable he was very honest and said that some people find it beneficial and others don't sadly some that don't left rather unkind reviews.

    I had been using a pre shave lotion but the alcohol in it caused serious iritation and the strength of the alcohol in it aswell would make a pirate pass out.

    Non of that with this pre shave oil, I know most people don't use oils with electric shavers but I wanted to try and see how it went, the shave was smooth and owning a braun series 9 pro it was already a smooth comfortable shave but this made it even more comfortable and quicker to boot.
    The scent isn't overly strong but nice enough not to smell of something cheap and nasty and you can go straight from the oil and shave to using the after shave balm if you wished to, me personally I wiped my face over as not to leave any oil residue which there wasn't really any it absorbs into the skin quite nicely giving two lots of moisture.

    So I will most certainly be buying this again no doubt about it.

    Once again, tbanktou dor your help with my query and for making such great products Bart. Keep up the excellent work.

    John Davidson
    It does make a difference!

    I first tried a pre-shave oil three years and I wasn’t convinced it was any good, quite unnecessary in fact and the bottle is still about 2/3 full.

    I decided to try Bart’s Balm Lochnagar pre shave oil and I think this really does make a difference. I was very happy with the combined performance of the new razor I bought last year, the blades and shaving cream .I’ve tried Lochnagar three times( the last time with a new blade) and it certainly feels like the razor is meeting less resistance. I intend using Lochnagar pre shave oil from now on