Must-Have Beard Accessories for a Beard with Sex Appeal

Most women love beards. This is not just my opinion as a beard loving woman, this is an actual fact. It is ridiculous how many research studies have been conducted about beards and they all reach the same conclusion: Women find well groomed, masculine characteristics, like beards, highly attractive.

But, let’s not miss the most important part of that finding, which is WELL GROOMED. A man equipped with an arsenal of high quality beard accessories sends subliminal signals to women. Women (myself included) immediately and subconsciously perceive a well groomed beard as a caveman type sign of masculinity and dominance. Full, well groomed beards send a primal little signal to women that the mind attached to that beard of glory is socially mature and ready to handle business.

Don’t believe me about the copious amount of research dollars spent to inform us of the obvious: That beards are HOT? Check out this 2013 research. And also this 2008 study called “The Man Behind the Beard.”

What’s In Your Beard Accessories Arsenal?

Whether you are a light stubble, heavy stubble, short beard, or (SIGH) full, manly beard kind of guy, your beard accessories will determine your success with the ladies. Here are the types of things we look for in our adorable beardsmen:

Is Your Beard a Yeard?

Women love beards, but we don’t love yeards. What is a yeard? It is a beard that has gone untrimmed for a year. When a man doesn’t use the right beard accessories to tame and manage his beard, it could reach critical mass, which is code for very unattractive and sometimes smelly. Rosemary and Sandalwood Beard Oil is one of my personal favorite beard accessories and the best way to keep your beard from turning into a yeard. Not only does premium beard oil prevent beardruff and itchiness, it also appeals to beard loving women with an attractive, somewhat earthy scent. Beard oil is a top must-have beard accessory.

Split Ends Are Not Your Friend

If you want to reap the benefits of being a bearded manly man, you have to put in the work. Boar bristle brushes can help train the unruly beard hairs. Beard oil can be applied throughout the day to keep your beard conditioned and scissors are critical for trimming down the split ends. A weekly trim makes all the difference in the world, so a sharp pair of scissors is a beard accessory must-have.

Let’s Keep It Clean

Even though the bearded fellows may make us think dirty thoughts, you must keep your beard clean. Two or three times a week, grab your beard wash and get scrubbing. Cleaning your beard and the skin underneath will keep your beard fresh and healthy. Don’t use regular shampoo, though. A specially designed beard wash is our final must-have beard accessory for an awesome looking (and smelling) beard.

Styling balms, moustache waxes, and various other beard accessories can up your beard game, but women mostly care that your beard is clean and somewhat tamed. The research says it all: You had us at BEARD.