Balms and Lotions: What’s The Difference?

Aftershave Balms and Aftershave Lotions: What’s The Difference?

I have been asked several times recently what the differences are between my Aftershave Balms and my Aftershave Lotions, so I thought I would write a quick blog post to clarify.

Aftershave Balm

My Aftershave Balms have a cream like consistency and their primary attributes are that they cool, calm and soothe your skin immediately after shaving. 

Bart's Aftershave Balms are best used immediately after shaving to calm your skin and help reduce any shaving rash.  They contain approximately 90% - 95% natural ingredients, depending on the scent.

The current best-selling balm is my Amber and Moroccan Jasmine Aftershave Balm:

This scent is my homage to the multi award winning Aventus scent, by Creed.  I believe it is an outstanding product, although I would say that 😃

Here are a couple of recent reviews of my Amber and Moroccan Jasmine Aftershave Balm:

“It smells great, absorbs well and really calms any redness and sore spots” Paul

“Easily absorbed, great fragrance” Rav

Aftershave Lotion

Having previously used alcohol-based aftershaves, I that these were very harsh on my skin, causing irritation and redness.

I therefore decided to create an alcohol-free aftershave that did not irritate skin and actually moisturised and nourished it.  Combining these properties with my sensational scents led to the creation of my Aftershave Lotions.

My Aftershave Lotions are oil based. They are slightly more moisturising than my Aftershave Balms and have a stronger scent.

My Aftershave Lotions contain between 95% - 100% natural ingredients, again depending on the scent.

I know that some of my customers use my lotions immediately after shaving and this effectively helps reduce any shaving rash. However, I generally use both the balms and the lotions together as part of my shaving routine. 

Firstly I use the balms to cool and calm my skin. Secondly I utilise a lotion, of the same scent, to further moisturise my skin for the rest of the day.

One or two pumps warmed in your hands and  applied to your face, will leave it feeling smoother than ever!

The added bonus of using the balm and lotion together is that the scent is enhanced and lasts longer throughout the day. 

My current best-selling lotion is the Rosemary and Sandalwood Aftershave Lotion:

This scent is based on the classic Aqua di Parma scent.  There is a reason that this scent has stood the test of time and recent comments about this product include:

“Best thing ever” John

“… to top it all off the smell is incredible” Homer

Hopefully this helps answer a very frequently asked question.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoyed this quick post.